Do’s and Don’ts while Preparing Your Doctoral Dissertation

Doctoral Dissertation Writing

All academic writing tasks have to be prepared with utmost care and concern. The level of care needs to be obviously high when you are writing a doctoral dissertation paper. A lot of academic guides are available which make you an expert in the basic aspects of doctoral dissertation writing. However, it sometimes eats up much of your valuable time. In such occasions, you would love to have useful tips.

Delve into the Topic   

Once you are assigned with a topic, start researching. Most probably, it would be an area you are most familiar with. However, don’t think that you know everything. Visit some good libraries and make it a habit. Your dissertation paper will not be finished within a few days or weeks. On the other hand, you have to work on it for a few months. Most of the time, you have to read and set out to find evidences for what you are going to prove.  Contact not only your professor, but also those who know more about your area of specialization. Subscribe scholarly articles available online. Grab relevant journals wherever you find them.

Make a Draft

The academic writing process has aptly identified that a draft is the forerunner of a good essay or dissertation. For those who write doctoral dissertation, preparing a draft is fundamental. All pieces of information you have gathered from varied sources should be recorded in the draft. This helps you to organize your final paper in a logical and systematic manner. Since it is a longer paper, there needs to be a lot of quotes from famous authors. You can make a list of the quotes to be added and use them in the appropriate places. Also, make a list of the references you intend to include in the final dissertation paper.


Academic writing assignments cannot bring higher grades if they contain errors. A doctoral dissertation with errors is hard to think of. Pay adequate attention to fix all kinds of errors in the paper. Typos are always irritating. The worse thing is that you cannot find them out in a single reading. Sometimes, it happens that you don’t spot them at all. Hence, you can choose an expert language specialist to proofread it. Such an expert can rectify grammatical errors and other syntactical inconsistencies. The use of unimpressive words and sentences can also be replaced while you proofread the paper.

Don’t Exaggerate

There are several things you should avoid in writing a doctoral dissertation paper. The most important one is your inclination towards exaggeration. Don’t write even a single word for the sake of filling the page. On the other hand, each and every sentence you write should contain something informative to the readers. The evaluators should be able to make a conclusion that you are genuine in handling the topic. In the same manner, over beautification of the language is to be avoided at any cost. Academic papers are different from fiction. They must contain only matter of fact details. In short, tell everything straightforward without playing with the language.

Don’t be confined to the Net

In the recent years, it has become a fashion among students and researches to consider that the internet is the only place to get most recent information. This is fallacious. Sometimes, the articles found in the internet happen to be outdated. Also, there is a chance that you are trapped in promotional articles. There will be several books you can borrow from a good library. They will be more authoritative than ordinary articles found in websites. Also, you can surf the internet to find out quality scholarly articles. However, such journals are often paid. However, do not be concerned about spending a few bucks if you are sure that you will be benefited.

Don’t Change the Focus   

As you write, it may occur that you become exhausted and find that you can’t go even an inch farther. You get struck because you may not have read as much materials as required. There is a tendency among many researches to change the topic after they have completed a good portion of the dissertation. This will bring endless troubles. In order to avoid it, start writing only after reading a lot. In that case, you will not run out of ideas. A carefully written draft will make you stay focused on your topic till the end of the dissertation.