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Discussion chapter is one of the most important sections in a dissertation because it is where you explain all your main findings. Students find it a little difficult to compose this section as the very grade of the paper is determined by this. Being a challenging one, students should seek professional help to complete the task successfully. If you manage to find out an expert and experienced person who is well versed in writing dissertation discussion chapter, the whole process of writing can become interesting. At the same time, reliable articles on writing discussion chapter also can help you. If you follow some rules systematically, you can definitely come out with a great dissertation paper.

Tips and Tricks to Write Discussion Chapter

The worth of your findings is what makes your paper appear excellent. At the same time, if you are unable to present it in a convincing manner, all your efforts will be in vain. Hence, out and out care must be taken in order to present your valuable findings in a systematic manner. There are certain scientific principles to be incorporated while preparing a dissertation discussion chapter. List your findings one by one. In doing it, make sure that the more important ones are given more priority. Discuss with the help of adequate supporting materials. If any claim is made, it should not be based on speculations. On the other hand, present things which can be analyzed logically. Also, it is mandatory to present all your data and other key findings in the form of tables, graphs or bullet points. If so, your main argument will be noticed by the readers. To top it all, the evaluators will be impressed to know that you know how to arrange the discussion chapter convincingly. Citation is another major aspect of the discussion section. Whatever point you borrow from others, never hesitate to cite them. Otherwise, it will pave the way for plagiarism, which is a grave academic sin. A serious paper such as dissertation must not have even a single trace of academic dishonesty.

Points to Remember While Writing the Discussion Chapter

An effective and well written dissertation discussion chapter has to be free from all kinds of errors, both structural and syntactical. It is in this context that the idea of proofreading attains much importance. You may be an excellent writer in English. You may have the capability to craft a wonderful written material with great words and expressions. However, that does not make you error-free when it comes to the matter of writing a dissertation. Even a minute mistake would lead to total collapse. It is always desirable to get the dissertation proofread by others. Online proofreaders can handle the task and make the dissertation discussion chapter cent percent error free.

By following the below tips, you can come up with a great quality dissertation discussion chapter.

  • Write in a simple and straightforward manner
  • Avoid over beautification and weird expressions
  • Include tables and diagrams wherever necessary
  • Cite properly and follow the given citation style
  • Add relevant quotes from renowned authors
  • Proofread to eliminate all kinds of errors


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