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Go through our terms and conditions in order to get a glimpse into what we guarantee and provide.

We are a premium dissertation writing service having great experience and expertise in essay writing in general and dissertation writing in particular. We have a team of highly talented writers who work round the clock on shift basis in order to provide round the clock service to customers. This enables us to keep the deadline for any order with any number of pages. However, it we feel that certain papers need additional research and reading, we may ask for deadline extension. This is done in order to make sure that each and every paper is prepared with utmost care and concern.

DissertationTigers.Com has a higher academic authority to monitor whether the papers prepared are of high quality or not. No paper is delivered without the verification from the Quality Management Desk. As a result, we confirm that all the written papers meet the requirement as well as quality. In case, the customer is not satisfied with the paper, we are ready to revise the paper without any hesitation. However, since dissertation is a lengthier piece of writing, we require at least 24 hours for revision. The revised papers will be delivered considering the availability of writers. However, we guarantee that it will not affect your deadline at all, because most of our papers are completed and delivered even before the deadline ends.

We provide high quality, medium quality and low quality papers according to the educational standards of the customers. However, the grade scored by the evaluation need not always comply with what we promised. There can be certain changes in the grades since different people value the papers with different views and attitudes. However, we always stick on to the topic and write precisely. We are ready to do any number of revisions. However, we will not refund the amount if the Quality Management Desk reviews the paper and finds it fine. At least a very few customers try to cheat us by asking refunds even after they get quality papers. The quality Management Desk is all operational now in order to check the quality objectively. It is an independent body having no direct connection with the company authorities. As a result, it is sure that the decisions from the desk are always neutral and logical.

DissertationTigers.Com launches various discount offers from time to time. However, same offers may not be available for all times. If a customer has received any discount earlier, it does not mean that he/she will receive the same offer in future as well. However, we guarantee that we will have some offers at all times. In the same manner, it sometimes happens that certain information in the website is out of date. We constantly try to update the content with the latest information. However, in case the customers find any obsolete content, consider it as a technical error from the part of the content development department.

The content, graphics, designs and other items seen in the website are solely owned by us. No one will have any right to copy or reproduce them without legal permission. Also, it is hereby clarified that the papers prepared by DissertationTigers.Com are for non-commercial purpose only. Furthermore, the customer support team is ready to serve everyone round the clock. However, in case the number of visitors is unmanageable, there may be some delay in responding.

We at DissertationTigers.Com always try to provide the best quality service to our customers. By having an idea about the operational mode of the company, the customers will have a great experience at purchasing essays and dissertations.